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Rs400 DC to DC Boost converter XL6009

DC to DC Boost converter XL6009-800x800.jpgRs400 DC to DC Boost converter XL6009



1.Up to 400Khz operating frequency, and LC filter circuit, output ripple is very low.

2.TDK inductance make the heat and noise to a minimum.

3.Input and output three MLCC Multilayer ceramic capacitors, anti-interference and enhance stability.

4.Built-in MOSFET,can up to 94% efficiency.

5.Increased enabled port, you can control whether the booster circuit is working.

6.Brand new original XLSEMI chip

7.SMD electrolytic capacitors


  • Module properties: non-isolated boost buck module
  • Input voltage:5-32V
  • Output voltage:1.2-35V continuously adjustable
  • Input current:4A(max)
  • Output current:1.5A(max)
  • Output power:20W(natural cooling)
  • Maximum output power = input voltage * 4A * conversion efficiency
  • Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 to + 85 Degree Celsius)
  • Full load temperature rise: 45 Degree Celsius
  • Operating frequency: 400khz
  • No-load current: Typical 15mA (5V turn 12V)
  • Load regulation: ± 0.5%
  • Voltage regulation: ± 0.5%
  • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
  • Enable Control Port: Yes, high level 1.4V-VIN (ON), low level 0-0.8V (OFF), the default high level
  • Short circuit protection: None (Please install fuse or protection circuit input)
  • Input reverse polarity protection: None, please with our reverse protection diode board or in the input series.
  • Installation: You can screw fixation(fixing holes 3 mm), 2 fixing holes
  • Connection: welding,add pin can be soldered directly to the PCB


کد محصول Rs400_XL6009

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  • شماره تماس : 02155695769

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