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Variable switch mode power supply 0-50V 5Aby TL494 MJ15004

Today I suggest examples as the variable voltage power supply circuit that can adjust output from 0-50volts at 5A. Which many people interested it a lot. Because is a switch mode type that is Technology available high performance. than normal linear type are they are a small, energy saving and low heat.

I apologize for that. This circuit is just an idea. Ideal for those have basis of this nature circuit. But it is not suitable for beginners. You should also do their homework too. To understand and be able creating the project out.
The heart part that is TL494. Widely used in the computer power supply circuit and the motor control circuits The advantage is high efficiency. easy to use and affordable. And We still use the MJ15004-power transistor to amplify currents up to 5A.